Friday, April 27, 2012

Oral Presentation Grades

Dear students,

Check out your Oral Presentation Grades.  You will find them below next to your groups and names on the post entitled "Group Oral Presentations" published on March 27th.

Good luck in your final exams!!!!

See you on Wednesday 9th May 2012!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Helloooooooo to you too!!

I hope you are working on tomorrow's presentation :P

Andreas Charalampous
Pavlos Apostolou
Theofanis Theofanous

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Group Oral Presentations

Topic: Prepare a 5-7 minute group oral presentation presenting:
'The causes and effects of a natural or manmade disaster.'
Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time: 09:30-12:30

Place: EMHX

Work to be submitted: PowerPoint slides

ENG 162.1

Group A: (8/10)
1. Adamou Kallistheni
2. Christos Mattheou
3. Nicolas Constantinou
4. Christothea Louka

Group B: (7.5)
1. Aristidis Ioannou
2. Louis Lyras
3. Stelios Karasavvas
4. Andreas Zantis

Group C: (7.5)
1. Theofanis Theofanous
2. Andreas Charalambous
3. Pavlos Apostolou

Group D: (7.5)
1. Marios Varnava
2. Loizos Alexandrou
3. Maria Andreou

Group E: (8/10)
1. Panagiotis Ktistis
2. Argyris Theofanous
3. Marios Constantinou
4. Timoleon Karaxalios

ENG 162.2

Group A: (8.5/10)
1. Nicos Paraskeva
2. Minas Mappouras
3. George Messaritis

Group B: (8/10)
1. George Papaioannou
2. Solomos Orfanos
3. Marios Panayiotou

Group C: (7.5)
1. Xanthi Apostolou
2. Maria Pantelide
3. Marina Efstratiou
4. Maria Maxaira

Group D: (8.5/10)
1. Christodoulos Menelaou
2. Aristotelis Agisilaou
3. Marcos Kleanthous

Group E: (7.5/10)
1. Andreas Loucaidis
2. Kyriaki Papadamou
3. Constantinos Dimitriou

Group F: (7.5/10)
1. Melpo Pittara
2. Theodora Xenofontos
3. Petros Panteli

Delivering Oral Presentations

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1. The topic sentence is: Believe it or not, the process of completing a DNA test is not very difficult.

2. The steps is:
a. Collect from a person's cheek using a swab.
b. Send cell sample to a laboratory
c. The samples are put into a gel mixture, and are subjected to an electric current.

3.Ultimately and first of all

4. It is now available to buy it on the Internet.Everyone can now order DNA tests and get their results in just a few days


DNA: The easy way!

  1. The topic sentence is: "Believe it or not, the process of completing a DNA test is not very difficult."
  2. There are 3 steps.  The first is human cells must be collected.  Then they send these human cells sample to a laboraroty and the third one is the samples are put in a gel mixture and an subjected to a electric cane.
  3. First of all , Ultimately
  4. The surpise is that you can check your DNA throught the internet and you check it out your relations.

Andreas Charalambous, Timoleon Karahalios, Kalia Adamou